For the past eighteen months it has been reported that WWE have been offering a lot of money to all their wrestlers to ensure they stay loyal to the company. This is due to fears that if they left the wrestling stars would join rival promotion All Elite Wrestling.

However, it seems this is not the case at the moment and it can be clearly seen following the departure of Drew Gulak earlier this week.

Gulak was not fired or released like the WWE staff a few weeks ago, he simply let his contract run out and became a free agent. There have been no reports that Gulak was offered large amounts of money to stay with the company. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, that’s because WWE isn’t as bothered about stars going to AEW as it once was.

“They know it’s not one of those situations like it was a couple of months ago when somebody might go and help the opposition right now. I mean, they’re not concerned with that anymore. I mean, that’s the situation.”

A soon as anyone leaves WWE fans assume that wrestlers will move to AEW and it is no different with Drew Gulak. After a recent successful run with Daniel Bryan on Smackdown fans will want to see him again soon, however due to the uncertain situation brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, it may be a while before Gulak moves anywhere.