It is being reported that during the current global health problems, WWE are not testing their athletes or background staff for Coronavirus.

WWE are testing people’s temperatures and monitoring colds but not infact completing the necessary testing to confirm if staff are Covid-19 free before letting them interact.

Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that the WWE have not carried out any tests on members of staff, which is extremely surprising as it was assumed WWE were doing what every other organisation are doing in order to maintain the safety of staff.

“WWE hasn’t even tested anyone yet, which kinda suprises me just because everyone else is, you would think that they would, and they’re not at all. They’re temperature testing, they’re doing that, and if you’ve got the cold or something like that they tell you to stay home. But AEW is testing and everyone passed the test for the last set of tapings, and I’m sure that they’ll be testing people multiple times, because everyone’s gonna be in for a week starting, well not everyone, almost everyone will be in for a week starting Wednesday till the next Wednesday for that eight-day period.”

WWE have recently changed their taping schedule, meaning that not every show is being shown live. They tape in the early stages of the week on alternating weeks, meaning Raw pretty much alternates between live and pre-taped, while SmackDown is always pre-taped. As Meltzer said, AEW are testing every member of staff before every taping to make sure everyone is safe. If other companies are doing this then why not WWE?

This along with measuring temperatures is simply not going to keep staff or their families safe. It has been widely discussed globally during this pandemic that people with Coronavirus can have symptoms other than a temperature.