We have reported recently that Rey Mysterio is not currently under a WWE contract, however Vince McMahon is very keen on re-signing the wrestling star.

It is being reported by PWInsider Elite that Myseterio sat down with WWE management on July 21st to discuss terms of a new contract, but it is still unknown whether they could reach an agreement that suited Mysterio.

After Mysterio’s controversial Eye for an Eye match at Extreme Rules against Seth Rollins, he was at this week’s RAW tapings but was not used on screen. Original plans for the Horror show match was to have Rey’s eye pop right out during the match, but it was edited, and any sight of a loose eyeball was scrapped.

It is widely believed that Mysterio will end up staying with the company, however the current delay is WWE’s unwillingness to offer him a raise. McMahon is not offering raises to anyone and is using the Coronavirus pandemic as the excuse despite the company making record profits this year.

If Rey does agree on a new contract it would be very likely that his son Dominik would also stay with the company. It seems WWE have big plans for the youngster, could he continue the Rollins feud in the name of his father?