The Iiconics returned to Monday Night Raw two weeks ago after being away for several months. In their return the defeated current Women’s Tag-Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in a non-title match.

On this week’s episode of Raw the due had a rematch against the champions, this time in a title match. The challenge ended in a disqualification after Alexa Bliss was thrown into the ring steps by Peyton Royce.

After the match, Billie Kay slapped Peyton Royce backstage teasing that WWE is planning on break-up the tag team. While they appeared to makeup, some have speculated that Kay and Royce’s days as a tag team may be numbered.

On this week’s episode of The Bump teases of a break-up continued, were Billie Kay spoke about slapping her best friend on WWE TV. Kay had this to say when asked about the incident:

“I’m gonna say this once and then move on from it. That was our first fight in 15 years of friendship. Our first fight ever and it just so happens that it was televised for the whole world to see. On Monday night our emotions just got the better of us. Peyton got frustrated during the match and then I got frustrated after the match. I think what we need to focus on isn’t the fight it’s what happens after that. It’s us embracing each other. It’s us saying that we love each other and that we’re sorry because at the end of the day we want to become two-time tag team champions and that’s still a goal for us.”

Billie implied that her and Peyton will be sticking as a team in order to become two-time Tag Team Champions. However, Peyton’s silence while Kay addressed the slap has led some to speculate that WWE is indeed breaking the team-up.

This is all speculation and rumours; we may be looking too much into this but you never know. Stick with us for all updates on the duo’s situation.