Tv schedules have changed over the past few weeks for various reasons, this has resulted in NXT and AEW Dynamite running unopposed by each other. It is now being reported that WWE are discussing moving NXT away from Wednesday nights on a permanent basis.

This was reported today by WrestleVotes on social media earlier today, the Twitter account is highly reputable regarding pro wrestling information. In the Tweet they said that although the move is not imminent, discussions have taken place regarding a switch.

Here is the whole Tweet:

This week’s episode of NXT aired on Tuesday as opposed to their regular Wednesday spot. If the show were to move its regular evening it would make a lot of sense. Moving from Wednesday night would allow NXT to focus on booking storylines like they used to. NXT have been counter programming AEW’s shows in order to gain more viewers which takes away all NXT stands for. For example, in order to steal viewers from AEW NXT created special events such as the Great American Bash on the same night that their rivals had arranged special episodes.

Moving the black and gold brand would likely mean that the ratings would go up for both promotions. With both running on separate days, fans would no longer have to choose which one they want to watch live.