Roman Reigns’ absence from WWE was assumed as being caused by a weakened immune system after two battles with Leukaemia. Reigns since revealed that this was not the case and the fact that his wife has just given birth to twins is the reason he has not been seen on TV.

It seems he is not the only WWE Superstar who is worried for their family’s heath during the global health crisis. Former WWE Champion and his wife Brie Bella are expecting their second child. This very nearly caused Bryan to pull out of WWE tapings for the foreseeable future.

On Sunday Night’s Main Event, Brie Bella discussed how close Daniel Bryan was to pulling out of the tapings over the last few weeks and for the next few months to protect the family from catching Coronavirus:

“We did. We discussed it and especially because I’m pregnant, just the risk there. So we definitely talked about it but we were like, ‘Okay, if you don’t stay home and you go, how can we make this work?’ And that’s when we talked to our doctor, because if our doctor was like, ‘No, no way. We can’t do this. It’s impossible,’ then we were going, ‘Bryan was gonna stay home,’ but our doctor gave us a lot of hope and was like, ‘It might be a little pricey but we can work on this. We can make it work,’ and so that’s when we were like, ‘Let’s do it then. It’s gonna take a lot of effort but it’s worth it.’”

This anxiety completely makes sense, especially when it has been reported that WWE are not taking all the correct precautionary measures to keep staff safe

In recent episodes of Smackdown,Daniel Bryan has been part of some of the best WWE TV matches in recent memory, especially with the likes of Cesaro and Drew Gulak. Bryan has advanced to the semi-finals of the Intercontinental Championship tournament and will take on the winner of the Jeff Hardy and Sheamus match for a spot in the final.