On last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, we seen Charlotte Flair face Asuka yet again for the Raw Women’s Title. The pair have faced each other a few times recently and again it was another successful defense of Asuka’s title.

After the match Charlotte was attacked by backstage by Nia Jax which has apparently written Flair off TV for a long time.

It was initially reported that Flair was going to be away from in ring action for quite some time and that she required surgery on an injury. But it turns out this is only party true.

Flair will be away from WWE for some time but not due to an injury. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Charlotte is going for an elective surgery and taking some well-earned time away from the company.

“Flair will be undergoing a planned elective surgery during this time and is not injured or sick.”

Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT backs this up by reporting something similar. According to him, while Flair will be taking some time away from the ring, she is not injured and will also almost certainly not be back for SummerSlam.

“Sources have told talkSPORT that Flair will be taking an extended break from WWE. The 34-year-old has been a constant on the show for years now and she is going to be taking some personal time and having some surgery.

“The idea is that she will return around Royal Rumble season next year, but if a good story pops up before then – around Survivor Series – she would be open to return later this year.

“Our sources said: “There’s a 0 percent chance Charlotte returns for SummerSlam.”

Some WWE fans have criticised the story of Flair’s injury, saying it would have made more sense for Asuka to have caused it during the match instead of Nia Jax. That is something that McCarthy reported was considered by the writers:

“Of course, this isn’t a real injury, unlike those, and is simply put in place for Flair to have a rest. It’s believed WWE debated having Asuka be the one to put Flair out before settling on Jax.”

Yes, it would have made sense for Charlotte to be injured by Asuka in the ring during her title defense. But writing Jax in as being the guilty party adds to the fuel that she is dangerous to other women on the roster, giving her even more of a heel persona.

Some have criticised WWE for having Flair written off TV by Nia Jax instead of Asuka, and McCarthy is reporting that this is something WWE considered: