We have reported numerous allegations and accusations against people involved in the wrestling industry across the world. The #SpeakOut movement started when people used social media to discuss their experiences of sexual harassment, abuse and assault.

One of the many people involved in the public accusations was WWE’s Matt Riddle. He was accused by Candy Cartwright of sexually abusing her in a van between wrestling shows back in 2018. Riddle, his lawyers and WWE have released statements regarding the situation. Since the beginning Riddle has denied any truth in the allegations.

Just a few days ago we reported that Cartwright posted a picture of herself and Riddle kissing back in 2019 to as if he had blocked her out of his life then why does he have pictures of them together. In response to this new evidence Riddle has now released the following video via Twitter:

Obviously, Riddle will vigorously continue to deny these accusations. Riddles involvement in this situation has not stopped him progressing within WWE. The company continue to have him on television and even had him defeat AJ Styles in his debut match in the main roster.

As more information on this becomes available to us, we will keep you updated.