As soon as Braun Strowman won the Universal Championship from Goldberg, a feud started between him and his old faction partner Bray Wyatt. The two giants faced each other at Money in the Bank pay per view with Strowman retaining his title.

Since his defeat there has been no appearances from Wyatt while Braun started feuds elsewhere. At the most recent pay per view Strowman successfully defended his title against both John Morisson and The Miz in a handicap match at Backlash.

It looks like Braun will be facing his former stablemate once again with Bray Wyatt retuning to SmackDown this week to confront Strowman.

With the many personalities of Wyatt it seems we wont see The Monster Among Men will face either The Fiend or the FireFly Fun House version of Bray. Instead Wyatt has been working on resurrecting and has brought back his Eater of Worlds persona he wrestled under for so many years. This is the version of Wyatt that ‘created’ Braun Strowman so it should be interesting to see them face each other.

It is being reported by Ringside News that the current plan for WWE is to see Strowman face the resurrected character of Bray Wyatt at upcoming pay per view Extreme Rules. The site also added that since the success of previous pay per views, the match is expected to feature some cinematic elements:

Ringside News has learned that WWE is planning a big cinematic match at Extreme Rules. This will also include a lot of “shock moments.” This falls in line with WWE’s new way of doing things during the new normal.

It was noted that the cinematic match will include plenty of shocking moments. WWE has big plans for Wyatt that are still evolving on television over a year after The Fiend’s debut.

Our source in the company stated that WWE is doing the “shock moments because that’s what the new plan is.” It was further noted that “things will happen just so things happen.” That might be the reason, but it will likely still get fans excited.