It is a running joke for wrestling fans who Triple H is going to set himself up against next, often being the biggest promoted match at WrestleMania. The same goes for Stephanie McMahon when she decides to make an in-ring appearance. WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair has revealed that she would love to get into the ring with them both.

Flair was recently on The Bellas Podcast where she made the revelation that she has previously pitched the idea to work with Triple H and his wife Stephanie who perform together from time to time. Here is what she had to say regarding the power couple:

“Because I spent time in NXT recently, I was really hoping I could get into it with Triple H, being like the brat and him being like, ‘I made you.’ Maybe later down the road.”

In terms of rivalries, Charlotte has not really had much interaction with the couple. There have been previous situations where they have pushed Charlotte as a heel, but they are usually on the same side.

Flair is currently taking some time away from television in order to deal with a surgical issue concerning her implants. Her implants have been leaking which is something she has had to previously resolve.

If Charlotte were to make a comeback and start a feud with ‘The Game’ and Stephanie, who do you think would be the best Superstar for her to team up with?