After a long drawn out negotiation, it seems that WWE have managed to get Rey Mysterio to stay with them.

We have been reporting for a long time now that Mysterio and WWE were very close on making a deal. The fact that the masked star wanted a pay rise was slowing things down. Mysterio has been with WWE despite the fact he does not have an official contract.

Dave Meltzer revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Rey will be staying with Vince McMahon’s promotion despite the fact he got a very tempting offer from Tony Khan’s promotion AEW.

Here is what he had to say:

“I can’t confirm pen to paper, but Rey Mysterio is staying, as was always the betting line outcome of this, but it’s as close to official without confirmation of it being official, and obviously Dominik is a big part of that deal. AEW made an offer that equaled the WWE’s per-match offer, but the WWE offer was higher because it was for more dates. We don’t have a time frame past this new deal would be considerably longer than the previous (18 months) deal but not the five-years or longer deals that WWE has tried to get everyone on.”

It looks like Rey was being an awesome dad, because part of the deal for him signing was to make sure that his son Dominik was included. With the contract being a suggested 18 months, this could be the perfect amount of time to help Dominik cement himself as a star in his own rights within WWE.

Once his 18 months are up and his son has established himself within WWE, should Mysterio rethink the offer from All Elite Wrestling?

The fact that it is not completely official yet could be interesting. Could there be a last-ditch effort from AEW to snatch him away?