Nostalgia for former promotion WCW has increased in recent years which is no surprise when most fans see the 1990’s and Monday Night Wars as the peak of pro wrestling.

When the war ended and WWE bought over WCW, it appeared that WCW was extinct and never to recover to where it once was. WWE hoped that it would be completely forgotten about by all fans.

It seems we may see a return of WCW in some form as WWE have filed some recent trademarks on the former promotion. However, at the moment it is only merchandise that is mentioned.

PWInsider reports that Vince McMahons company have recently filed trademarks on the initials WCW for business ventures such as cardboard packaging, temporary tattoos and sticker collections and albums.

We have seen WCW slowly rise back into WWE as some aspects of the former production have been used such as the return of WarGames on NXT and events such as Starrcade.

At the moment, WWE’s ratings are continuously dropping so they do need something new to revive them, maybe incorporating more WCW themed events or matches could help with this?