In last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw (July 27th), Aleister Black came out to save Dominik Mysterio from a beat down at the hands of former Universal Champion Seth Rollins and his minion Murphy.

Former NXT Champion, Black, suffered the same fate as Rey Mysterio with his eye being injured by the ring steps. Check out the Video below:

It seems that the attack by his long-term rival was not just a typical beatdown angle for Black, as Dave Meltzer noted that there has been talk backstage regarding Black and writing him off of TV.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on his latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that the original plan for this angle was written to give Aleister Black an undisclosed amount of time off.

“I know the original plan was to take him out, I don’t know for how long. That was the original idea is to do an injury angle with Aleister Black which is kinda weird when you’re low on talent.”

Meltzer makes a good point that by WWE writing off one of their best performers off TV might not be the best idea when the company are severely lacking depth within their roster.

However, it might end up better for Black in the long run. Recently Black has been a side piece in other people’s stories which is showing him at his true potential. Maybe some time off and a good creative come back could be the best scenario for Black?