On last nights episode of WWE Backstage the hacker from Smackdown interrupted Renee Young, Paige, Booker T and Christian just as they were discussing who they thought the hacker could be. Check the video below:

As you can see, the video includes the message “Do I have your attention now?” written upside down. As we all know this is a very famous quote from CM Punk which has led to rumours and theories that the mysterious man could be Punk.

Other suspects people have been guessing are Chad Gable, Mustafa Ali (or a mix of both as a tag team) and Xavier Woods. There have been a few videos put online where fans have edited the distorted voice of the Hacker and Ali seems the most likely. If we take into consideration however how much WWE’s ratings are tanking at the moment, could Vince have thrown all his money at Punk in the hope of bringing him back to up the numbers?

Observant fans out there noticed that the passcode for the phone featured in the video was 051020, which in American dates, is this Sunday, May 10, the same day as Money in the Bank pay per view.

It is safe to say we can expect the identity of the hacker to be revealed during the show, so we will not have to wait much longer. Could CM Punk come out and give us another memorable Money in the Bank event.