A WWE SmackDown Star has shown a massive interest in facing AEW Tag Team Champion Kenny Omega, an interpromotional match like this would be a step towards breaking boundaries within the wrestling universe.

Xavier Woods of the New Day recently spoke on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast where he discussed taking on Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in a gaming tournament. He said that he would like to have a match with another promotion one day.

Check out what Woods had to say:

“Kenny Omega has been on my YouTube show before and so have the Young Bucks. We have been able to do a Street Fighter Tournament together with a wrestling spin on it of course with the contract signing and cutting promos on each other beforehand. Using video games as a conduit we have been able to do something no one else has been able to do. That rivalry is still going strong today and I’m pretty sure it will never end. I would love to do some sort of interpromotional match with him one day. The goal is to destroy boundaries. Do things that we aren’t supposed to be doing because people would really enjoy it. Given the right circumstances, I do think it could happen, but we’ll see.”

Woods suffered an Achilles injury back in October of last year and has been out of action ever since. We have not had an update on his condition recently but if all has gone well with his recovery, we should be seeing him back soon.

Kofi Kingston is also taking time away from performing which leaves just one member of New Day flying the flag on SmackDown. Big E is being given a singles run at the moment and it would be great to see him get a title shot in the future.